Illustrations and art works 
2016, Bergen, Norway
with Zsuzsanna Horvath & Hao Wu

Wood installation initiated at the occasion of the Bergen International Wood Festival 2016.

Nebula is at the same time a sculpture and an interactive installation moving with and from the interaction of the people playing in it.
The wave shape was imagined through 3D modeling and yet, its form, never final, is continuously reshaped by the movement of the wind. However, as strong as the wind can be, the movement stays peaceful and imprints the sculpture by really soft undulations. The sculpture, always moving, breathes and lives, completely dependant on its environment.

It lives as well in a sound dimension, as the cubes, getting in contact with each other, produce a really light melody. The melody changes with the interaction of the people who cross the installation and induce a more chaotic music.
The sculpture lives through the good or the bad will of the spectators: kids will often run through it, tangling the ropes, making knots, knocking the cubes into each other. Some people enter the installation and untangle the ropes, separating one cube from another until the sculpture will take its initial shape again.
There is also the observers, the ones who will not get inside the sculpture, but who stop on their way and observe its undulation from the outside, and there are the ones who lie on the wooden deck, looking up at the sky from under the sculpture, which takes a mesmerizing dimension, like a living painting.

That graphic dimension is also visible on the ground where the sculpture projects its shadows with all 465 cubes and the lines they are attached to, start dancing peacefully on the ground.

Photographes : Zsuzsanna Horvath